Australian pokies varieties

Australians are well-known all around for their love of pokies. In fact, every pub, club or casino across the country boasts a number of machines. They can be divided into two main groups – classic and video types. Classic types are game with 3 reels and 1 (sometimes 2, or 3) payline. They are quite popular thanks to their simplicity combined with the opportunity to win good money. Video versions are bright, feature-rich games with 5 reels and lots of paylines from 5 to 100. While as recently as ten years ago classic machines were commonplace at every gambling establishments, today video pokies are much more numerous and can be played everywhere. Online player can play most pokies types both in real money and fun money modes. The online casinos powered by Microgaming and PlayTech gaming software developers don’t allow playing progressives for free.

Classic 3-Reel Type

Classic machines usually have 3 reels and a single payline. Classic pokies are simple and any newbie can easily start playing such a machine. There is no need to know the particulars of this game. Despite the fact that modern classic games may have a wild or a scatter symbol, some of them have bonus features, classic games remain straightforward. There are also classic progressive games, for example, Magic Slot (Playtech), Cash Splash (Microgaming) and many others. Classic machines offer a bet ranging from 1 to 3 coins per spin.

5-Reel Video Type

Today five reel video pokies are the major part of gaming portfolio of any online casino. Online Video pokies are the games with cutting-edge graphics, exciting sound effects and even animation. They are very thrilling because playing them it’s like reading a book with a captivated plot where a winning is the highlight. These games are stuffed with various features from traditional wild and scatter symbols to multi-level bonus games. Video pokies have a great number of paylines from 5 to 100, however, nowadays not all pokies have paylines. There are Aussie pokies types that offer a certain number of ways to win in lieu of hackneyed paylines. Furthermore, gaming software developers do their best to constantly offer the world something new and interesting.

Bonus Pokies

Today all video slot machine types have bonus features. Gaming software developers pack features in pokies machines like sardines. Bonus rounds can be divided into two groups – the bonus rounds played on the reels and those played on the second screen. There are a number of traditional bonus features such as free spins, wheel of fortune, pick an item, etc. But almost every new slot brings some innovative bonus game. Bonus pokies give players great opportunities to increase winning chances. There are lots of gamblers who won huge amount of money on bonus games. So, if the Lady Luck smiles on you, you can even win more than most pokies with progressive jackpots offer.

Progressive Pokies

Pokies with progressive jackpots are perhaps the most popular around. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot the value of which increases a small amount every time a gambler plays the game with this jackpot. And it keeps on growing until someone hits it. Thanks to internet and online casinos, progressive jackpots grow quickly and can reach really huge sums. For example, the record Mega Moolah (Microgaming) win is over £6 million, and Mega Fortune (NetEnt) reached over $17 million! Most progressive pokies have certain requirements for pokie players to fulfil to be eligible for the progressive jackpot.

Unusual Variants

Some casino software provider offer unusual games to their players. Thus, Microgaming online casinos feature Mega Spin pokies. These are classic 3 reel and only 1 payline. They are much like a multi hand video poker game. It means when playing a mega spin pokie you play not one game but up to 9 games simultaneously. As a rule, you can choose how many games you want to play before making a bet and starting to spin. All the pokies spin together.

Another world’s top gaming software, PlayTech has Multi Spin pokies in its portfolio. These games have also something common with video poker. They are 3 reel games with up to 10 rows. After betting, you spin the bottom row. Once the reels have stopped, the player can hold some reels with chosen symbols (he believes they will win). The chosen symbols will appear on all rows. Then all the reels except for the bottom one spin again. These machines give players better chances to win than a classic 3 reel, 1 payline pokie, however the payouts are low.

Mega Spin Slots Type

There are Mega Spin slots. They are a type of a classic 3 reel, 1 payline slot that looks like a video poker multi hand game. In reality, when you are playing a mega spin slot you are playing not 1 slot but 3, 5 or even 9 games at the same time. Before playing a mega spin slot machine you have to decide how many games you will play, make a bet and then click “Spin”. All the slots spin together. Mega Spin slots are available in Microgaming online casinos.

Multiplayer Types

Nowadays, the world’s leading gaming software development companies add multilayer machines to their gaming portfolio. Multiplayer variants are also called Community Pokies. This is a form of online pokie game that the player plays in a virtual pokie room with other online pokie players. This allows you to chat with the other players and watch they spin and win while you are gambling. If someone wins a bonus game, all participants can take part in this game and win a share of bonus money pool., gambling portal for Aussie casino players