Pokies machine basics

Slots are among the most popular online casino games. A lot of people around the world enjoy playing slot machines. What is this a slot machine? Slot machines have several names. They are known as one-armed bandits, fruit machines, poker machines, pokies, gambling machinesor simply slots. A slot machine is a gambling device which has reels and paylines. Modern slots have 3, 5,more rarely 4 reels and up to 100paylines. As soon as the player has placedhis bet and has clickedthe “Spin” button the reels begin tospin. The main purpose is to hit a winning combination on the reelsand receive a payout. A winning combination is a combinationof certain symbols on a payline or on the reels.

Today all gambling slot machines useRNG(a random number generator) in order to guarantee fair results. To play slots players use certain buttons and options. Let’s examine all of them.

Slot Machine Buttons and Features

Slots buttons

1. Payline is an indicator that shows a number of a payline the player can place his bets on.
2. The Payline wins – shows what payline or paylines have won.
3. Coins /Current Balance/Balance window shows the player’s current balance. After each spin the current balance changes.
4. Lines window is an indicator which shows how many paylines are active, in other words it shows the number of paylines the player is playing.
5. Select Lines button or +/- buttons allow the player to change the number of paylines.
6. Paytable/View Pays/View Payouts/Info/Help is the button allowing the player to move to the second screen to see the combinations of different symbols giving payouts.
7. Line Bet is a window that indicates a bet per payline. The Bet Per Line/ Select Coins or +/- buttons allow the player to choose the number of coins to suit him/her.
8. Bet/Total Bet window shows the size of the bet.
9. Win shows the size of the payout (if the player has won) after each spin.
10. Bet Max/Max is a button which activates all the paylines and spins them automatically. By clicking this button the player bets the maximum number of coin on all the paylines.
11. Spin button allows the player to spin the reels.
12. Autoplay button allows the player to set the number of spins which will be spinning automatically. Sometimes Autoplay is hidden under the Expert (Microgaming), Menu (Playtech) buttons.
13. Gamble is a button available in some slots which have the Gamble Game bonus feature. Gamble becomes active after every win and gives a chance to increase the win.

5-reel Slots Paytable

Slots buttons

1. Wild/ Substitute is a symbol that can substitute for almost all other symbols in order to create a winning combination. The wild usually cannot substitute for a scatter and a bonus symbol.
2. Scatter is a symbol which gives payouts when there are as a rule, two or more scatters anywhere on the reels. This means scatters don’t need to be aligned left to right on a payline like any other symbols to win.
3. Payout is the number of coins paid out for a different number of identical symbols on a payline. To count your win you can multiply the number of coins and the coin denomination you are playing. For example, if your bet is $0.01 per payline and there are 3 Crows on an enable payline you will win $0.10 because 3 Crows pay 10 coins (see the paytable), $0.01*10=$0.10.
4. Back/Game is a button allowing the player to return from the paytable to the game screen.

NB: besides described the options and buttons there may be some other buttons and options such as Stop, Payline patterns, Bet One, etc.

Stop button gives the player an opportunity to stop spinning the reels when the player likes.

Payline patterns show how paylines are formed in the game.

Bet One button is available in classic 3 reel slots and allows the player to set the number of coins for a spin.

In a land-based casino slots have buttons which have the names different from the online ones. You can see such buttons as Bet One Credit, Bet Max Credits, Cash Out and others.

How to play Pokies

To play slots is very easy. You needn’t learn any complex rules, remember different combinations or symbols. All you have to do is to choose a slot you like most, place a bet and spin the reels. Then wait for the result that depends on the matches of symbols on the reels and the combination of symbols in paytable. Below there are some steps to do to start the game:

1. Choose the slot you are going to play (classic, video, progressive, or bonus).
2. Select the coin denomination and make the bet.
3. Set the number of coins per line and if you are playing a multi line slot set the number of lines.
4. Click the Spin button to make the reels spin. If you want you can click the Bet Max button to make all the paylines active and start spinning automatically.

As soon as the reels stop, the game checks matching symbols automatically and shows the winning combinations if there are any.

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