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Craps is perhaps the most ancient game that can be found in the casino. They say English knights played craps between fights. Nowadays Craps can be found in many casinos. Craps is played by a single or multiple players who bet against the house. It is quite an easy game but many players can be confused by the number of bets. It is by far one of the noisiest games. The action is quick and very exciting, drawing many players as well as watchers.

But online Craps is a bit different. You can play the game in the silence and comfort of your own home. On this page you will learn how the top 25 casinos that offer Craps rank overall, along with all relevant bonus information and a full review. Please click on the review link to get comprehensive info about each casino offering Craps.

Craps may seem quite complicated and can stump you at first. You will see the table with lots of different kinds of bets. If you are playing at land-based casino you will also hear other players barking out commands in a strange language, and the pace is too fast to ask a question. To make your way in craps read carefully the Craps Rules, make the “pass line” bet at first. This is the fundamental bet most players place. As soon as you become more experienced in craps you can try other bets. Pass/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come bets and Odds bets have the best odds and the lowest house edge whereas Proposition bets offer the worst odds for the player. Visit the Craps Tips and Tricks page before you decide to play craps.

It’s OK to capitalise Craps but it needs to be consistent one way or the other.

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Crazy Vegas
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